People & Development

On-site Contacts

Luna and Consuelo have rented a large Maloka, a traditional structure on the land of ​the renowned anthropologist, professor, author and researcher Grimaldo Rengifo Vasquez. Luna, along with other women anthropologists in the community, works for various NGOs in the province, dedicated to preserving indigenous knowledge and cultural heritage. Together, they strive to empower local communities and safeguard the invaluable wisdom of Peru's indigenous peoples. 

The Non-Profit Waman Wasi

Professor Grimaldo Rengifo is also the founder of the NGO Waman Wasi in the Waiku. The NGO has been selected to showcase their excellent work with indigenous communities at this year's Venice Biennale in the frame of PROMPERU,  a strategic alliance between the State (Ministry of Education/ UGELES), the NGO Waman Wasi, representatives of the native Kichwa, Awajún and Shawi communities, mestizo communities and educational institutions in the provinces of El Dorado, Lamas and San Martín. 

Developments on the Land

Six months ago, after signing the documents at the notary, we began planting numerous fruit trees, including avocado, coconut, mango, papaya, lime, cacao, orange, and banana, taking advantage of the rainy season. Now that we have entered the summer season, together with the AMA Community, we have a project to build a shelter as the initial step towards creating a living structure. This shelter will serve the purpose of collecting rainwater to provide water for the plants. 

Other Developments

Alex a multimedia artist, author of a famous educational cartoon and part of Pakarii for many years, wants to move to Lamas and buy another hectare of land near us. This could speed up the housing process. 

In the Surroundings

In San Roque, located approximately 45 minutes away by car, there are several associations that engage in sustainable tourism. They have connected us with organizations to participate in free reforestation programs. 

Many other like-minded individuals involved in the project

Several like-minded friends wish to purchase some hectares nearby. Many people hearing about our intention to create a Damanhurian community in the jungle, are deeply inspired and express their desire to participate. In essence, as we establish our community, we are building an island of mutual assistance and support, where bonds are formed and nurtured.