Next Steps

 ​​Building a shelter for rainwater collection in collaboration with AMA Community

We are working closely with the AMA Community to construct a shelter that will efficiently collect rainwater. This will ensure a sustainable water supply for our plants and ongoing projects.

 ​Exploring the possibility of a well

We are currently investigating the feasibility of digging a well on the land. This would provide an additional water source and further support our sustainable practices.

 ​Developing a masterplan for the land

We are in the process of creating a comprehensive masterplan that outlines the layout and design of the entire property. This plan will serve as a roadmap for future development and ensure the harmonious integration of various structures and facilities.

 ​Commencing initial earthwork

To kickstart the construction process, we have begun the initial earthwork. This involves preparing the land for building and laying the foundation for our upcoming projects.

 ​Public Register

One important step in our journey to establish a sustainable and thriving community is to register the property in the public register. This ensures transparency and compliance with legal requirements.

We are enthusiastic about the progress and positive impact that each of these initiatives will bring to our project. They are vital steps towards creating a community that embodies our values and fosters a sustainable and harmonious way of life.