For many years, Inti and Macaco, have been actively engaged in Peru, where they have conducted numerous presentations and workshops on behalf of Damanhur. Their outreach efforts have reached diverse groups and associations, including the prestigious University of Lima, La Cattolica. Through these engagements, they have successfully shared the teachings and wisdom of Damanhur.

Unfolding the Journey: inspired by Falco, Founder of Damanhur

Falco, who has been of tremendous inspiration for over 40 years for the vision of Damanhur, died in 2013. In his letter to Inti, Falco, expresses his desire to unite Inti's origins with Damanhur. During a personal conversation, Falco entrusted Macaco with the task of bringing Damanhur to the world. It is from this conversation that the idea of creating a Damanhurian community in Peru was born.
Initially, Inti and Macaco had the intention of creating a Damanhurian community in the mountains, the ancestral lands of Inti's family. However, due to various family complications and the workings of synchronicity, they were guided in a different direction.
After several years, the ​AMA Community finally decided to purchase 2 hectares of land near their friend's property. This friend had already acquired an additional 2 hectares between Lamas and Shanao in the ​Department of San Martin in the Upper Amazon region. Upon visiting the site, it became apparent that this location and situation were ideal for establishing the Damanhurian community in Peru.

Inti, Macaco and Angela

The Natural Birth Center Pakarii

On multiple occasions, we have spoken about Damanhur at the Pakarii Birth Center, which translates to "birth" in Quechua. The center was created by Dr. Angela Brocker, a German doctor who has been living in Peru since the age of 20. She is also the author of four books on birth. 

Navigating Bureaucratic Challenges: Overcoming Obstacles in Land Acquisition

When the opportunity arose to purchase 4 hectares of land at an incredibly low price adjacent to the AMA property, Inti, Macaco and Angela, embarked on a bureaucratic journey.
In Peru, there are two parallel legislative systems: the first involves the local justice system, which applies only at the local level, and the second is the public registry.
The process of obtaining official recognition for the land can take months, if not years.
Currently, there is a strong government push to regularize all lands, which provides an encouraging momentum to our endeavors. 

Securing Our Piece of Land with Determination and Perseverance

After navigating through various obstacles and persistent negotiations with the landlord, we finally reached a significant milestone. In the presence of the Justice of the Peace, we proudly signed the agreement for 4 hectares of land, ensuring that we had a tangible foundation to build upon. Our unwavering determination and perseverance have brought us one step closer to realizing our vision. 

6 Months later

The past November brought us an overwhelming sense of joy and excitement as we gathered to sign the official deed of sale before a notary. The successful completion of the purchase for 3 hectares of land marked a significant milestone in our journey. While the regularization process for the fourth hectare is still underway, we celebrate this achievement with great anticipation for what lies ahead. This momentous occasion fuels our enthusiasm and strengthens our commitment to creating a thriving community on this sacred land.