Vision & Mission


 Our vision is to create a sanctuary that fosters healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. 
Damanhur Pakarii is an international center dedicated to spiritual and community research, as well as environmental regeneration. 
Drawing from the wisdom of  Damanhurian and  Pakarii  philosophy, we also delve into the worldview of indigenous peoples. Damanhur is a Federation of spiritual communities born in 1975 in northern Italy, best known for its underground Temples of Humankind. Pakarii is a center in Perù for natural birth, including traditional knowledge and modern medicine.


At Damanhur Pakarii, our mission is to establish a permanent and periodic community center that serves as a living model of regenerative practices. Guided by the ethical principles of harmony and love, we strive to cultivate an environment that nurtures the growth of individuals towards both personal and collective enlightenment. 

Our aim is to awaken the original state of trust in others and in life itself.

In the face of a global systemic emergency, where our educational, health, economic, and political systems cry out for re-creation, we find ourselves standing at a crucial juncture. 
At Damanhur Pakarii, we believe that every stage of life presents an opportunity to create better living conditions. Drawing inspiration from Sumaq Kausay, the essence of indigenous peoples' consmovision, we strive to improve the conditions of Sumaq Pakarii (good birth) and Sumaq Wañuy (good death). 

The center will serve as a conduit for exploration and ​celebration of indigenous culture, seeking common ground with Damanhurian and Pakarii philosophy. Within our walls, we envision a vibrant hub for community life , courses and  workshops - a sanctuary that welcomes people from across the globe to learn, meditate, regenerate the environment, and immerse themselves in the tapestry of communal living. 

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape between the highlands and the jungle, our center offers a truly unique environment. Here, nature becomes our ally in facilitating profound experiences and nurturing the healing of the human spirit on physical, emotional, and mental levels. 

Central to the ethos of Damanhur Pakarii is the rekindling of our understanding of spirituality-both as individuals and as a community. We embark on a journey to rediscover the spirit that permeates every living being and matter, fostering a profound sense of interconnectedness. In nurturing this awareness, we aspire to foster unity and harmony that transcend the boundaries of our center, resonating in the world around us.